Collaborating with upstream

Updating the module upstream

To update the module upstream you have to fork the repository, clone it in your machine, then apply the changes needed. To finish the process you need to push to your fork and then generate a merge request to the upstream module.

Updating module on your organisational Git repository

The steps to update the module in your organisational Git repositories from the upstream GitHub module are:

  • Clone the Git repository from your organisational Git server in your computer.
  • Set both remotes (origin - institutional Git repository && GitHub - your forked repo)
  • To update from GitHub you will need to do a subtree pull:
  • git subtree pull -P code github features For this we assume that github is the remote for your fork in github and features is the branch in which you are working or want to update from. You might need to do a merge, there is no support for rebase in subtree pull (this is unfortunate).
  • Push / Push force to your organisational Git repository and run Puppet in your computer.